Sunday, May 1, 2011

Someone To Come Home To

The best part to the end of a work day, especially a rough one, is seeing our furry friend at the window waiting for our arrival. This is also the time of the day Niko gives us the most affection. The longer he doesn't see us, the more licks and leg brushes we get.
Niko's chair is placed by the front window. He spends a lot of time napping on it, hiding underneath it, and propping himself on it to look out the window.  When we leave him home, he watches us drive away. When we come home and he senses we're back, he pops his head up. We have neighbors and friends who tell us they have seen Niko in the window when they drive by. He loves to observe; the window is like a tv set.
He doesn't bark at everything that goes by the house. He does however, growl at things that are out of the norm. Such as cars stopping by the curb, strange people approaching the house, and squirrels on the lawn.
Being outside is even better than just looking out from indoors. Here's a picture from this weekend at Ed's parents property.
I must say that it is Niko's #1 vacation getaway. He gets super excited when we say "going to grandma & granpa's!" and when we approach, he sniffs the air from the car window in excitement. He loves it here because we let him go off leash and he has plenty of room to run around. He gets a good workout from all the running and exploring. It always takes him a day to recover from the activity after we return home.

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  1. jealous that you have your own window! i have very limited views from the two windows i have. i bark at unusual things. my humans tell me no, but i can't help it.