Monday, May 30, 2011

Niko Turns Two

They grow up fast, don't they? Although we didn't meet Niko until he was about 8 weeks old, we acknowledge the time frame he was actually born, which is late May. We got him a few gifts, including a big smoked bone, a Kong Wubba toy, and 2 stuffed duckies.
a random retro Niko pic
Now that he's two years old and phasing out of his "puppiness," we've been commenting at what a great dog he is. In our opinion, he is low maintenance, fun, and adorable. His personality is a lot of fun to observe and he causes us hardly any trouble at all. 

Around this time of the year, we reminisce of the time Niko came into our lives. We had a lovely long weekend at the Thousand Islands in NY. Details of the trip will follow in the next few posts. We got a chance to go back to the campsite we stayed in 2 summers ago. I was able to re-take a photo of Niko in the same position he was in when he was a puppy. I put the two pictures side by side for comparison. His tail is a lot fluffier and his body is filled out more now, making his ears appear less abnormally big.

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