Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Japanese Maple Tree

In the dog days of summer, Niko slows down  his usual active self quite a bit. He makes every effort to find shade when he's outside. He has some common sense. On this very sunny and hot day, he found shade under our Japanese Maple Tree, which I never see him do. Japanese dog, under a Japanese tree.
Keep in mind shibas wear a fur coat all year round and they feel the heat much more than tank top and shorts wearing humans.  Make sure your dog has shelter and water.


  1. For some weird reason my shiba Kento loves to lay in the sun! He has many shady places to lay but just wants to sunbathe. He will eventually get up and drag himself to a shady place or go in the creek but I've always thought how strange. Mind you he is a shiba. lol I love your blog. Hello from Vancouver

  2. Hi Angela. Thanks for reading my blog. If it's not very hot out, Niko sits in the sun too. in the winter, he finds the only sunny spot indoors and bask in the sunlight :)
    Kento is very lucky to have a creek near home!