Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Last Hoorah of the Summer

Two weekends after Labor Day, we went on our last camping trip of the summer. It was bittersweet, as the months passed before our eyes too quickly. We returned to The Thousand Islands where we spent our first camping trip of the year (on Memorial day). The park was less crowded at this time of the year and the nights were cooler, with temperatures dropping to the 40s. However, with multiple layers of clothing, an insulated sleeping bag, and a nice fire, we couldn't complain. The weather was clear and sunny and we were happy about that. We brought our kayaks but spared Niko the misery and kept him from the water.
We noticed Niko being more interested in the campfire than previously. On past trips, he would sit a far distance from the fire. He would curl up in a ball and rest on fallen leaves or soft grass. This time, he approached the campfire when he was hungry. He finally discovered the business we call campfire cooking. Samplings of our food included roasted corn, hot dogs, burgers, pizza paninis, and s'mores. It might have been the colder temperatures too that drew Niko closer to the fire.
We took the same hike as we did last time and Niko found some living and not so living things. He was on the leash the whole time but his nose was sniffing things out. As soon as he smells something interesting, he would pick it up with his mouth. He finds things that we would never have noticed with our eyes. One particular specimen he did not want to let go of was a dead fish head, identified by Ed as a northern pike that was killed and feasted on by another animal.
Due to the fact that there were fewer campers this late in the season, we secured a prime campsite. Back in May, we drove around the park to look for the perfect location and took notes. Luckily this one was open when we made reservations. We were on a point that was surrounded by water on three sides. We were also high off the shore, on a big rock platform. Check out our view:

I'm also glad to report that I got zero bug bites on this time which is a big win. What a big difference from the typical camping trip I would return with swollen bites all over my limbs. We said goodbye to the summer, our kayaks, and equipment. Until next year...

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Pupcake

Niko comes from humble roots (literally, an Amish breeder). He is not accustomed to fancy treats. Sure, I've made him treats before, but I presentation is not my forte. So, when my good friend Mona bought her dogs doggie cupcakes and shared one with  Niko, it was special. 
The thing had edible glitter! Glamorous, right? 
Poor Niko, not being used to his very own cupcake, he didn't know what to do. He sniffed it but left it alone. I took the wrapper off and he licked the wrapper, as he is accustomed to eating crumbs and leftovers. It was only when i placed the cupcake in his food bowl that the light bulb went off. I  might have to start instilling some culture in this hobo dog. 
Mona is a talented cupcake baker herself. Check her creations out:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Perfect Pose

I decided to post this picture because of the way Niko's paws are positioned. It reminded me of a pose for a studio picture. Getting Niko to pose for pictures is a difficult task. He looks away too quick or I don't have my camera ready. He has an aloof personality. have something he wants. In this particular instance, Niko was very interested in what I was eating. He held the pose long enough for me to grab my phone to snap the picture. This is his "I'll pose for food" pose.