Monday, September 19, 2011

A Pupcake

Niko comes from humble roots (literally, an Amish breeder). He is not accustomed to fancy treats. Sure, I've made him treats before, but I presentation is not my forte. So, when my good friend Mona bought her dogs doggie cupcakes and shared one with  Niko, it was special. 
The thing had edible glitter! Glamorous, right? 
Poor Niko, not being used to his very own cupcake, he didn't know what to do. He sniffed it but left it alone. I took the wrapper off and he licked the wrapper, as he is accustomed to eating crumbs and leftovers. It was only when i placed the cupcake in his food bowl that the light bulb went off. I  might have to start instilling some culture in this hobo dog. 
Mona is a talented cupcake baker herself. Check her creations out:


  1. It is so pretty! I wouldn't want to eat it either. I would plasticize it and keep it forever.

  2. I guess we know what Niko will be getting on special occasions! I notice such similar behavior with my "Kento". Must be in the breed.