Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Gulpy

The Gulpy or a similar water bottle for dogs is a great thing to have when we're out and about with Niko. 
We spotted a fellow camper last summer with one and was quite impressed. Then we saw it at TJ Maxx and picked one up. It is a water bottle with a trough that flips open for water to be dispensed in. When Niko is done drinking, I flip the tray back and there's even a clip to attach the bottle to your pants. 

The Gulpy is very helpful on longer walks, hikes, and also car rides. Before getting it, we had to pour water into our palms for Niko to drink from, which got messy and was a hassle. And he doesn't always drink when we offer him water. If he is thirsty, Niko slurps the water right up and whatever he doesn't drink, we discard. In hot weather, Niko gets hot and thirsty way faster so we have to make water available more often.

I've seen them sold at most pet stores and amazon:

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