Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coffee Run

We went to a Starbucks drive thru window with Niko riding in the backseat. Being that it was a nice day, we rolled down his window so he can sniff the air...and look cute.

 As the barista was handing us our drinks, he noticed Niko in the back window. He pointed to Niko and said, "and you are the cutest thing ever." He also asked us if he was a shiba. Kudos to the dog savvy barista.  He asked us if Niko would like a treat, freshly made whipped cream. We couldn't refuse it of course. Niko enjoyed every lick of it. What a nice gesture on behalf of Starbucks and a fun time for Niko. We'll work on getting free coffee for us humans next time (wink).


  1. the pic of Niko with the cup stuck on his mouth... hehe, so funny!

    i hate it when my humans go to starbucks (everything about it scares me), so they stopped going there with me long ago, but if there is a drive thru and if they give me whipped cream, i may change my mind...

  2. i thought i had the best shiba starbucks photos ever, but these photos are amazing! way to go, Niko!

    hopefully we can get a cup together sometime.

  3. Coolest barista ever!

    Kudos on the stellar mind control skills Niko!