Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Water Safety: Sink or Swim

Anyone who knows Niko knows that water is not his favorite element. During Niko's first summer, when we introduced him to the kayak, he did okay. We didn't let him touch the water; we just put him in the kayak and rowed away. He was very curious because he sniffed and looked around.
Four Months Old
Fast forward to his second summer (last year), we did the same thing. This time, Niko jumped ship! It gave us quite a scare but to our surprise, he swam to shore very quickly. We learned that he can swim.

1 Year Old
But, we're not going to take our chances. We are contemplating doing a camping trip where we have to kayak and hike to our camp site this summer. In preparation, we bought Niko a life vest. We are months away from camping season, but we want to be sure he's ready :)
To his confusion, we put the vest on him at home. Of course, he's not a fan. We plan to do this every so often so he gets used to wearing it. He doesn't know it, but it's for his own good. He loves the outdoors and this is one sacrifice he'll have to make.
We have seen little backpacks for dogs to carry on their backs. Maybe Niko will have to pull his own weight on the camping/hiking trip by carrying his food and water. Just kidding, we won't do that unless he balloons up to the size of a husky by summertime. 
"Ugh, I look like a banana"

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  1. great idea having Niko get used to wearing the banana vest! haha. It looks great on him! very fashionable. the bright yellow will make it easy for you to spot him!

    Curious, when he jumped out the kayak last year, was he afraid of the water. like was he all scared when he finally got to shore? I'm surprised he wanted to jump into the lake! I'm excited for you for your camping trip! how long will you be sleeping under the stars for?

    PS- Kayak is like Kayan with an extra K =)