Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Last Bit of Snow

Two weeks ago, we had our last significant snowfall. It was unexpected and unwelcomed by most people, as they are looking forward to Spring.  Niko doesn't mind one bit. We took one more trip to a nearby state forest where we go to cross country ski. It was a good outing with Niko being off leash while we skied. 
We came upon a tree that was worked on by beavers. Niko approached it to admire their work:
"..hmm reminds me of what i do at home to furniture"
Beavers are amazingly hard workers known for building dams as their habitats. They also have the same mate for life. **end of sidebar**
Close to the end of our trail, we stopped by a frozen pond. We played fetch with Niko and a tennis ball. This is the only time Niko would voluntarily go into a pond, so the joke's on him!
He was very good at coming back with the ball.
Look how far he went:

One more thing to note is that I fell many times due to icy snow. When Niko was near me when it happens, he would stop to look at me and sometimes came to sniff me. He waited a little before moving on again. Very seldom does Niko show affection and I'll take every hint of it when I can.

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  1. You're second pic makes us jealous!

    I slipped on ice once and ate pavement while Shio stood above me as if to say, "Get up. Stop being a drama queen."