Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow Excitement

We are approaching the end of the winter season. Fortunately for Niko, we are still getting tons of snow every time we think there is no more. The white stuff gets the little guy very excited. He is extra bouncy and playful.  He prefers to have someone to play in the snow with him. Every time he sees me gathering snow in my gloved hands, he runs up to me, fixated on the snowball. He likes to chase the snowballs we throw and he also likes when we gather snow in our arms and throw it up in the air. When Ed tried to build a snowman, Niko barked at the ball of snow that was being rolled around. The snowman didn't get formed because of Niko's  dislike of it. He also dislikes the inflatable snow tube. He chases us as we slide down the hill, but when we walk back up with it, he barks. 

Niko jumps a lot higher when we play in the snow. I think it's a combination of his excitement over snow and the soft landing from his jumps.

Kangaroo pose

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