Thursday, December 16, 2010

Solitary Niko

Most of the time, Niko is within eyesight. He hangs out in the living room the most. On occasion, we would not see him for a while and have to look for him. There are times he seeks solitude in his room.  The other day, he stayed on his bunk long enough for me to snap a few pictures.  I promise, I was not punishing him. He went to the corner all on his own. Maybe he was mad at us for something?
Is it a cat?
Nope, just a shiba


  1. He'll be what he be...
    A solitary Sheeb...

  2. The "cat" picture is so perfect. I really had to look at that picture.

    Maybe he was meditating?

  3. do any of you guys know the best/closest place to nyc to get a shiba inu? I just moved to the city and want a new little friend! i grew up with dogs and believe that i am ready to own my own! let me know what you guys think..thanks all!


  4. Check out the NYC Shiba Rescue:

  5. maybe he did something naughty and was punishing himself! hehe jkjk

  6. Where did you buy your orange duck toy? We lost ours!