Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Signs of Winter

I was never a huge fan of winter weather. Niko's excitement over snow definitely makes me more cheery to see winter arrive. This weekend, we got our first significant snowfall. Niko was sooooo excited to see the lawn covered in white. I wonder if he remembered it from last year. As soon as he got outside, he truly frolicked in the snow and couldn't get enough of it.  He hopped around, buried his head in it, so much fun to be had. I can't believe dogs can withstand the direct contact with snow. Niko didn't mind the cold at all. Niko's no water dog, but he is a snow dog.
It was a busy weekend because we also put up the Christmas decorations. I had to get Niko's  Santa hat out. It's the only piece of clothing I've gotten him because he's fussy about outfits. Last year, he ran away whenever he saw me coming with it. He was more tolerable of it now. He kept it for awhile on without a fuss.
What's a tree doing inside the house?


  1. Amazing how he doesn't get cold playing in all that snow. Love the pic in front of the tree

  2. Love how they can freak out about rain but love to frolic in the snow. So silly!

  3. Did you get that santa hat at a regular pet store? fwa-ha-ha-ha (evil scheming laugh)

  4. Niko is learning that clothes can make him look FABULOUS! hehe <3

    Happy Winter Solstice! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Yay snowww!