Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Day

The verdict is in, Niko loves snow.  We had a good snowstorm that covered the yard.  When I took him outside for the first time, he stayed on the pavement and sniffed the snow out to test the "waters."  I walked on the snow and tugged on him a little. He took the leap and hopped around the yard. He buried his face in the snow and acted very silly. His motions resembled a bunny hopping around.

Leaving shiba tracks


  1. **Pressing 'like' button** Nice pics!

  2. Cute! Shiba's seem to love the snow, although since it never snows where I live, Suki's never been able to play in it =(

  3. Thanks Jonathan. Hopefully, someday, Suki can see snow! Thanks again for the pointers on the slr's. I'm reading Scott Kelby's book. He mentioned B&H in NYC which I will check out in a few weeks when i'm in town.