Monday, January 24, 2011

Bath Time

Niko's bath time means torture for everyone involved. Torture for Niko, us, and anyone who can hear his piercing barks within a 1 mile radius.  We feel terrible for him and can't understand why he hates getting a bath so much. As soon as that water touches him, he yelps, scratches and does everything he can to get out. It's a two person job. Over time, we learned a few things to make the ordeal a little better. For example, we used to fill the tub up 3 inches deep so we can scoop water. Turns out Niko fares better without having to stand in any water. He also barks less if I hold the shower head close to him like a massager as opposed to spraying him with water.
He acts adorably post bath time though. His sad and hurt looks really tug at the heart strings. When he is released from the bathroom, Niko runs around the living room and hits up his favorite spots. He rubs against the rug and couch as if to ward off the evilness that is water. He licks his paws, legs and any other body part he can reach dry. He is very spastic and shakes off many times.  After all this, our hearing is worsen, Ed's arms are scratched up, and we dread the day we have to give him his next bath....


  1. I'm so sorry to hear water is so traumatic for Niko. How often is bath time? It is interesting to see how he acts after the baths tho. He gets all shy and sad and melancholy.

    I read in a Martha Stewart pets article last year about things you can do to help your puppy with water problems. I'm not sure if it would work with Niko since he already has and knows about the problem with water. But to play with him in the bathroom. Sit at his level on a rug next to the tub. No turning on the water, but it gets him comfortable being in the bathroom. Just to play with him (each time a few minutes longer) and eventually (after a month) just to place him in the tub so he can enjoy being there instead of knowing its a big dilemma event.

    im not sure if this will help since Niko just is afraid of water itself, but maybe taking the scare of the bathroom away, it can get better.

  2. Akira does exactly the same ! I found that it a bit better when I get into the shower with him but still he makes it so difficult that we wash him about twice a year!

  3. Shio is also a disaster when it comes to his monthly baths! It's so sad to watch. :(

  4. The frequency of bath time depends on how dirty Niko gets. Fortunately, like a cat, he cleans himself real well so it's about once every 2 months. LOL.
    Thanks for the tips. I've tried stuff like smearing yummy treats on the side of the tub and leaving treats in the bathroom for him to find. But, as soon as that water comes on, scared Niko comes out. Interestingly, he goes back to the bathroom right after his bath to sniff and lick the water he splashed all over the BR. He confronts his fear that way.