Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sushi, No Chopsticks Required

Keeping in mind that Shiba Inus originate in Japan, I am mindful to share my sushi with Niko.  
I have read that seaweed is good for their coat (not sure if it's true). Surprisingly, Niko likes fish. Raw and cooked. In fact, a few months ago, when Ed was fishing, Niko stole a tiny minnow when we weren't looking and chomped it down. He has a wide ranging palette. There isn't much he doesn't like to eat.  Food is the key to Niko's heart.


  1. LOL! Zuko loves fish too, but not so keen on the sushi I've given him so far. The seaweed is good for the coats - we mix dried kelp into Zuko's breakfast. It was recommended by his breeder. Good parents - sharing your sushi! :-)

  2. Watch out for the wasabi! Haha I'm kidding. Giving him dried kelp is a good idea! I never thought of that. Just recently started on giving Shio bonito flakes. omnomnom.

  3. That's awesome Niko likes seafood, even sushi. Do you think Sakura will sell you sushi knowing you will feed it to a dog?