Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nobody Leaves This Building Without Me!

When Niko thinks we are going outside, he quickly follows us to the door. Even when he is tired, he doesn't want to lose any chance of going outside.  He blocks the door by laying right in front of it. As an extra measure, in the picture, he laid on top of my flip flops. He'd surely wake up if I have to put them on to go outside.

He would make a good jail-keeper, wouldn't he?


  1. Very funny! Zuko gets excited whenever we put on our shoes and head to the door. He circles us like a little furry shark waiting...waiting...and the LOOK we get if we leave without him - wow.

  2. Shio does this too!!!

    No one is allowed to have fun without them!

  3. hahah he would make a good jailkeeper, minus the sleeping part. Great picture >_<