Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Prince On His Throne

This is a picture from our camping trip at the Adirondacks. On our campsite was a tree stump that Niko climbed up to and rested. It had a good vantage point. He was able to see the lake and keep an eye on the campsite and scope out possible food scraps.  

This was a unique camping trip in that it was very secluded and the site was accessible only by boat or by hiking trail. We usually camp at places where you drive your car up to.  Since Niko is afraid of the water, transporting him by kayak was not an option. He gets veeeery skiddish when he is near water.  So, Ed loaded my kayak with our supplies, tied it to his kayak and rowed to the site. Niko and I walked. It was a half a mile hike, not bad at all. We did that several times to get to different areas of the park for activities.

At the ranger's office, there were signs about bears and precautions on how to avoid bears. We had that in the back of our minds.  Niko's very sensitive to his surroundings and barked when he sensed strange movements or noises. If there were any bears around, I think they would have stayed away because of Niko.

When we are in the wilderness like this, Niko is in his element.  He absolutely loves camping and has a good time digging holes in the ground, sniffing out bugs, and howling like a coyote at random times.

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