Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fundraising Fun

Niko went to his first fundraising event as part of last weekend's activities. We changed vets over a year ago to SPEAK Animal Hospital, which is a non-profit animal hospital. The staff is super friendly, prices are more affordable, and they had just renovated the entire facility. We attended the grand re-opening event to help their cause, let Niko meet new people and dogs. It was a well organized event with a live band, food, vendors, exhibits, facility tours, and raffle prizes. 
On display were two beautiful alpacas. Niko didn't care much for them. In the last several years, alpacas have grown in popularity. I was educated by a coworker that breeding alpacas is a serious business. Not only are they cute and loving animals, they are making a name for themselves in the textile industry.
The best part of the event was watching the New York State Police demonstration. A police dog named Wheeler (a German Shepard) and his handler educated the audience about NY's K-9 Unit. We learned some interesting facts:

  • All NY State police dogs are named after fallen officers to honor them
  • The Canine Unit training facility is located in Cooperstown, NY
  • Wheeler and his handler were part of a team that searched for survivors and bodies at Ground Zero after September 11
  • Dogs can smell their handler's emotions change regardless of visual and verbal cues
We watched Wheeler search for hidden narcotics and "attack" a culprit. The obedience and intelligence of Wheeler impressed us very much.
"hmm...that dog's got some neat tricks up his paws"

We were glad we attended the event. I bought Niko his latest fashion accessory - a bandana that threads through his collar. 

It is not very often I dress Niko up. He is more of a ruff and tuff dog, but this was for charity =)
A few days later, I received a phone call that I won a raffle basket. Even sweeter.

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  1. He looks handsome in that bandanna! YEAH for raffle basket wins!