Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dog Show

Our local Kennel Club hosted an AKC sanctioned dog show and it was open to the public. It was a three day event and we were able to drop in on the last day. It was held outdoors and of course we brought Niko show him what obedience really means. 
We were hit with an air of silence and seriousness when we approached a prep area where the handlers and dogs line up to "show." We soon learned it was no joke and that people traveled far distances to compete in this show. There were dogs of different sizes, colors, and shapes. 
We were dog show newbies and did not know what the judges look for. The competitions we watched were by breed size. The dogs pranced around in a circle with their handler one pair at a time, the judge gets a close look at the dog, lifts a leg or two, and they go back in a line. After all the pairs have taken their turns, the entire group jogs in the circle together one more time and lines up for the judge to look at the dogs side by side. Ribbons are awarded and the winners pose for pictures on a stoop. Like this beautiful Akita named Trader:
"where are the treats?"
                                                                                                                                   Do you see any resemblances between Niko and Trader? Akitas and Shiba Inus are related breeds. When people see Niko, aside from the common "he looks like a fox" comment, people also guess if he's an Akita. Look at who was backstage checking things out:

All in all, it was an interesting first dog show. We do wish we caught some agility competitions. Maybe next year. We were reminded of how much work goes into training a dog in general, but to train for dog shows is a whole other level. 
One last note, we caught Niko checking this broad out:
Sorry Niko, she is way out of your league and may be too high maintenance. You need to look for someone that likes to roll around in mud like yourself.


  1. Great post. Very funny comment about Niko needing to avoid the high-maintenance doggies

  2. Hanging out backstage with the celebs. Sounds like a fun time for Niko!

  3. That is an American Akita.
    Shiba resembles much more to Japanese Akita,
    which is the dog you see in "Hachi(ko)" film.

    They are two different breeds.
    The pure Akita was extinct a long time ago as Japanese breeders cross-bred them with European breeds like GSD for the dog fight, that is where the American Akita's black face came from, and also during and after the war keeping dogs was extreamly difficult in Japan as other breeds were threaten as well.
    The current Japanese Akita is the result of the efforts by breeders to revive the original looks of Akita after the war. But they used other Japanese breeds to do so. Therefore Japanese Akitas are more mixed than American ones.
    You can find the pics of Japanese Akita easily by googling.

  4. How neat. I didn't know there were different types of Akita. Thanks for the insight. Hachi is a great story.