Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Westminster Dog Show

The Westminster Kennel Club had their Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York this week. Although I wasn't there, I found a cool article in the NY Times today. It is an interactive article displaying pictures of 102 of the best of breed winners. I was delighted to see it was alphabetically listed by breed so I can scroll to Shiba Inu. Click on this link to see the winning Shiba:
Thunder the Shiba Inu  
What a perfect dog!
My knowledge of dog breeds is veeeeery limited. I often fake nod when people tell me their dog's breed. This article is helpful because scrolling through the breeds, I recollect some of the names and now I know what they look like.

Here's a random picture of Niko chillin' from last weekend:


  1. I love scrolling through to read the registered names!

  2. you should enter Niko! =)

  3. thanks for the link for the winning Shiba. I went awwwww. then scrolled to the husky and went awwwww, again.