Monday, February 7, 2011

A Shiba Shredder

Protect yourself from identity theft by investing in a Shiba Inu.
I learned something. Just because I've left newspaper on the coffee table out dozens of times and Niko didn't do anything to it, doesn't mean he won't decide to do so all of a sudden. I wasn't mad, but amused at how tiny some of the shreds were. Glad he found something to do while he was alone. When I went to clean up the mess, Niko went into his cave as though he knew he did something wrong. 

My cozy slippers have also fell victim to Niko's shredding skills. My left slipper is slowly turning to a size 7 from a size 8. Do we yell at him when we find stuff he destroyed? No. Because it's the humans' fault for leaving things out to tempt him. Then again, he hasn't destroyed anything that made us that mad yet...
I'd say the most valuable thing he chewed on was a photobook I made Ed for Christmas. It wasn't worth a lot of money, but it had sentimental value. I was out of town when I found out and wasn't thrilled to hear about it. He chewed the cover but the pages were still in tact. 
I look at it this way, when Niko's alone, he misses us. He chews my slippers because he smells my stinky feet. That is touching. And newspaper....that's just fun to chew I guess.


  1. I love the guilt on his face :) Akira is like that too, he won't touch a thing for months and then suddenly feels the urge to destroy a Dvd/Basket/Magazine/My Ray ban sunglasses /...

  2. i just finish reading everything posts on your blog. you are a grown woman!! traveling, cooking, having a pet, etc etc. i dont know why for some reason, i always sees you as the little cousin who live upstairs (227) and draw together with me... sam bill jer is OLD.

  3. Look at that guilty look! We have a paper shredding fetish in this home too!

  4. Wow, good attitude - don't think I could feel that way after a dog chewed stuff of mine.

    P.S. My parents' shredder is no good, can I send my bank statements to the Niko Shredding Co? >_<