Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cheap Toy

When we went to Mexico earlier this year, the resort had great accommodations and niceties. One of which was leaving towels folded into cute animals. One of those towels mysteriously ended coming home with us:

We kept it in its original form for months as a memento of the trip.  As we have discovered months ago, Niko reacts in a jealous way when we show affection to animal like objects. Ed took this towel bunny and started to pet it and Niko jumped at him to get to it. It may be the eyes too that captures Niko's interest. 

I took the pipe-cleaner off and replaced it with a rubber band before I handed the bunny to Niko. The sticker eyes didn't last long. The rubber band came off and I had to think of something else. 
Here's what we got:

I rolled the towel from one corner to the another diagonally and then tied a knot. The ends resemble ears and I drew eyes on the head. Niko likes to chase it, chew it, wrangle it with his mouth and shake it until it unravels. He continues to play with it when it's a regular towel. We would take it and tie it up again for him. This is by far the cheapest toy for Niko.


  1. OMG!! That is super fantastic! I may have to try this for Zuko! :-)

  2. haha I'm loving the tag labels "towel, mexico, toy"

    When I was on my cruise to the Bahamas, they cleaning people left different animals each night. Snake, elephant, monkey off the window rail. it was cute. I would try to replicate it, but my towel folding origami skills are not up to par apparently!

    Who knew Niko could have so much fun with a face clothe. Keep putting eyes on things to see if he gets jealous! hehe