Monday, November 15, 2010

Behind Bars

We took an overnight trip to the Philadelphia are on Saturday and had to figure out a place for Niko to stay.  Our options at home were limited because places don't open on Sunday and we wanted to be able to pick him up on Sunday. I did a little research and found Wagsworth Manor in Malvern, PA.  What a delight to first read about the place and then to actually visit it. In our small town, we don't have "pet resorts."  Our jaws dropped at the nice accommodations this place had.  There was a pool for training and recreational swimming. The facility was immaculate and we couldn't help but admire everything.  

Compared to Niko's one other kennel experience, this one takes the cake.  Niko was fearful when we walked in, but the staff was very friendly. They took him on many potty breaks and we prescribed individual play time. The dogs are separated by size and there are dividers between each "suite." The amount of barking was minimal and there weren't any of the usual smells of a kennel. We saw many workers cleaning different areas of the facility. The outdoor play areas were big and grassy.  When we picked up Niko, he was happy to see us. Compared to the last time where we found him foaming at the mouth(from the stress and anxiety of neighboring barking dogs), Niko was well rested and acting himself when we found him at Wagsworth.

Niko's stay was 24 hours long and we knew he was in good hands. We were given a report card during checkout which I thought was icing on the cake.


  1. Oh man, after reading this, I am in awe! Niko sounds like he had a great time! Kind of like a vacation for him. I'm glad he didn't have a bad experience like the last place he stayed at. Foaming at the mouth?! Because he was stressed??

    I think that the report card is a very cute idea. (make sure to save it in a frame or let me help you scrapbook it!) I was wondering the price difference between this place and the place in the city you used... I would assume this place would cost more, but maybe not cause it's in the country.

    PS- I love the name.... Niko LEE!

  2. The other place was in Flushing. A little shady. This pet resort was more expensive because of the extras they offered.
    Yea we were worried about the foaming last time, but it went away after we took him away. I looked it up and foaming can be due to anxiety/stress. He wasn't used to being around so many barking dogs in a small area.

  3. I love how Kaiju always looks like he's smiling... even when he's trapped behind bars!