Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Niko in New York City, Take 2

Niko is somewhat of a celebrity to my "peeps" back home in NYC. Every time I visit, relatives and friends ask if Niko is coming along.  His last trip was eye opening to say the least and we didn't venture out of Brooklyn. Right after we got out of the car, to my surprise, Niko went to the bathroom right on the concrete sidewalk! His city senses must have told him grass is a rare sight where we were and he shouldn't wait.  When he wasn't as desperate to go, he would wait until we reached the one patch of grass we have to walk a long block to; it was like clockwork, same spot everytime.

At my parents' home (which is relatively small in comparison to what Niko is used to), Niko was very timid.  He once again found his bark/voice.  Fortunately, the barking did not carry on outside. It must be enclosed spaces that he does not like.

During this trip, Niko had the opportunity to meet his Aunt Tracey for the very first time. It was a meeting that was long awaited for by both parties. Tracey has gotten Niko toys before and is an avid reader of the blog.  With patience, Tracey gained Niko's trust and quickly became friends. Niko really needed those rubs on the head because he was feeling homesick =)

I took Niko for walks and to parks as much as possible. For the first time, I took Niko with me into Manhattan. I didn't want to take my chances with the Subway, so I drove. As usual, he did very well in the car. He napped and looked out the window as I drove through the crazy midtown traffic. On foot and paws, Niko quickly learned how to wheeze in and out of the swarms of people with me (I held the leash tight and short).  He followed my stops and go's. It certainly helped that he wanted to stay close to me in an unfamiliar world.  We went to Central Park where we met up with a bunch of friends and children.  It was a beautiful Fall day and it seemed like every New Yorker took advantage of it and was at the park. 

I finally drew the conclusion that Niko is extra tolerant of kids. After seeing him with different sorts of adults and kids,  he always sits peacefully as kids come up to him to say hello, play, and pet him. He was totally calm even with a group of 3 to 5 kids all excited to meet him. If it were a bunch of adults crowding him like that, Niko would surely run and hide. It must be the short size and playfulness of children that Niko connects with. I personally like seeing kids' faces light up and it's super cool when Niko's the reason behind it.

As cool as NYC is, Niko prefers the slower pace of his suburban neighborhood. We give props to all the shibas (like Shio  and Kit & company) who call NYC their home.  For now, we will live vicariously through these City Slickers by reading about their adventures!
Niko taking it all in...


  1. Aww. I can't believe we missed you again!

    He surely sounds like he did a wonderful job hanging out with everyone at Central Park. And bravo to going potty on the concrete. Shio will still look for grassy areas to relieve himself on.

    Next time, let us know that you're coming out to Manhattan and we'll help point out some dog and people friendly areas! There are also some nice places out on Long Island that you can bring Niko to if you fancy a trip to the Eastern areas of Long Island.

  2. I'm sure Niko is like Mika when it comes to little kids. They sense the innocence in the kids and understand that the kids live in the moment like they do. =)

    Mika absolutely loves water. We have a pool in the back yard and he will chase water all day. He won't get in the pool himself, but if we put him in, he'll paddle around happily. I joke all the time about Mika, he hunts water not birds. Bath time for him is really easy. I'll call him into the bathroom and tell him "up" while patting the edge of the tub and he'll hop in and wait for the bath to start. Sometimes he gets nervous and doesn't want to hop in the tub, but I just take the sprayer and let him drink some water and he just mellows out... he does like to watch the water splash near the drain when his fur clogs the hair catch. Just this past weekend, Nami's mom and dad were watching Mika while we were out of town and Nami's dad was taking a bath. Mika was pawing at the bathroom door trying to get into the bathroom to visit Nami's dad. Nami's mom let him in and Mika went straight for the tub, put his front paws up and was trying to join Nami's dad. Nami's mom caught a couple of pictures of that with her camera phone and sent it to me over the weekend. I was laughing so hard..

  3. So jealous! I'm on my way to NYC right now and I had to leave Suki behind. Wish I could have taken her!

  4. It was about time I got to finally meet Niko! When i first got to your house, i remember saying "Jeh, why do you bring him here? You're traumatizing him!" I'm glad that he liked me pretty quickly, and it was funny to find out that my parents apparently LOVE dogs! hahaha, who woulda thought? He parked so loudly when your mom was towering over him "Niko, friend-friend! I'm friend Niko!" and you saying "It's ok Niko, Janets' scared of my mom too"

    I'm so glad I got to convince you to take him to central park. I told you parking wouldn't have been too hard. It's really interesting to see that Niko was able to adjust to the swarms of people on 58th street near the park. I'm glad he wasn't scared.

    I hope Niko gets to come back down to the city soon, and that each visit he gets more comfortable and enjoys his trip. Perhaps next time your mom start off with the giant cow bone as a treat for him!

  5. sounds like a great visit, and what fun to have so many kids wanting to play with Niko