Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple Thief

Niko has been a backseat passenger ever since he got too big to fit in my lap comfortably.  He is very quiet and un-excitable in the car.  He likes looking out the window but isn't fussy at all. He has the whole backseat to himself most of the time.

We went to a local apple farm to pick up some apples. I put the bag of apples on the floor of my seat up front. We stopped to grab some lunch. When we returned to the car, Niko wasn't in the backseat. He was on the floor up front. It was a funny sight because it was so unexpected. He must have been curious over the sweet aroma of the apples. He just had to discover what it was. I found a hole in the bag (even thought the bag wasn't tied up). I found an apple with a bite mark on it. All is well, as I had planned to make oat apple crisp dog treats for him. I used that apple he picked out as part of the ingredients.

I let Niko stay up front for the ride home. It was fun an interesting having him look up at us at a different angle.
Bite mark on an apple. Niko?


  1. haha this is so funny jeh! did he stay in front with you in the passenger seat? or was it empty? maybe this will cause him to stay in the front from now on (or at least occasionally when you have food there!) You left him in the car while you left and had lunch? was he sleeping or something? It funny that he bit a hole in the bag, even though it wasn't tied. He must have really wanted that sweet apple! Good choice in using the apple that Niko already bit to make oat apple crisps (send me a photo!) cause that's the special one he chose.

    Was this the trip I missed because I had work on Columbus Day? Wish I could have been there! =)

  2. Yes, he stays in the car alone. We only do it when we're not extreme weather. We leave cracks in the window for circulation the windows are tinted. People don't notice he's in there because he doesn't do anything.

    He sat on the floor while i was in the passenger seat. This wasn't Columbus day.

  3. ohhhh lucky that you can go apple picking so much! That's great that Niko is trained enough for you to trust him to not each the car seats. He gets to just relax until you guys come back to greet him! Did he like the apple oats?