Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Dream of Niko

The other night I had a peculiar dream.  We were on vacation in a dry, arid place like Santa Fe. Niko was off the leash and we were walking down a street with adobe buildings. I lost sight of him for a bit. I rounded a corner and came upon a dozen or so Shiba Inus all looking up at me. In the dream, I had a dilemma of identifying which Shiba was Niko. They all looked very similar. I don't recall the rest of the dream, but I hope if I ever lose Niko in a crowd of Shiba Inus, that I'd be able to sniff him out.


  1. Haha - I have the same fear!

    When we go to Shiba meetups, we change his collar to something easily recognizable in a sea of Shibas so we can find Shio easily!

  2. LOL - Zuko has a white tip on his tail so he's pretty easy to find.

    I was gonna say "just call Niko's name and he'll come to you" but HAHAHAHAHAHA - they are Shibas... THAT won't work. ;-)

  3. You guys know how shibas are. Name recall when they're outside...not so good. I've never been to a shiba meetup before. I'd be too afraid I'd come home with a different baby.

  4. What a dream! >_< Hopefully Niko could recognize the doggie treats you bake and that would help you pick the right shiba