Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Fox in the Woods

We went camping this weekend for the first time this year. The last time we went, Niko was still very young.  On this trip, Niko enjoyed the hike around the 1 acre lake, but did not like the lake itself at all. He is still not a water dog.  Ed took Niko out on his kayak and we thought he would stay inside it to avoid jumping into the water.  Not far from shore, Niko couldn't take it anymore and jumped out of the kayak. He went under water for a second and emerged out of the lake and quickly doggy paddled to where I was standing on the shore.  It was quite a funny thing to watch. It's interesting how most dogs instinctively know how to swim.

To our disappointment, Niko's learned to bark more and more lately. Granted, he only barks when he feels there is real danger. Unlike home, camping means we don't have four walls and a door protecting us.  At night, we sat around a campfire. Niko barked at people walking by on the main road and people going through the woods to get to the lake.  He even barked at a pair of ducks who decided to come close to our site.  Fortunately, he slept peacefully in the tent.  So peacefully that he did not hear whatever came by and ate half the bread we left in a soft cooler. Those sneaky chipmunks, raccoons, and/or ducks??? 
A natural bed made of leaves. Quite cushy for Niko

Note: To the grammarians out there, I originally wrote "doggy pedaled." I had never written that phrase and had my doubts. I learned (from the web) that it is actually "doggy paddle" to my surprise. To me, it should really be "pedal" because you use your feet to pedal. Yes, "pedalboat" makes more sense to me than "paddleboat."

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  1. Yeaaaaaah swimming! Kit and Betsy won't go swimming. We also went away this weekend and headed to a cabin with a pond. Kit and Betsy were playing chase at night. Betsy must not have seen the pond because she fell right in!