Monday, May 31, 2010

Road Trip

This Memorial Day Weekend, Niko and I took a road trip on our own for the first time.  I put him in the backseat with his doggie bed and brought a "diaper bag." Although I don't have kids, I now know what it's like to pack a diaper bag.  I have a designated canvas bag that I use to put all the essentials for Niko whenever we go on a trip.  I had a plastic container for water during breaks and plenty of poop bags.  Niko is a great travel companion; he is not fussy at all and it's awesome to look back at that cute mug of his.  He gladly listened to my bad singing and loves looking out the window and smelling the air outside.  Here's a picture I took when I was a passenger on a different trip. I didn't know, but his ears are floppy in the wind!

The car ride was approximately 4 hours long each way.  It's really nothing compared to the 3 month road trip that my good friend Joe is taking.  Joe just kicked of his second road trip this weekend and I am psyched for him. Be sure to check out his whereabouts this summer at 
His blog is linked on my blog, so be sure to check for updates on his whereabouts this summer!


  1. Wow, 4 hours! I guess Niko doesn't get car sick? Kit and Betsy do. I always need someone in the backseat on barf duty for long road trips.

  2. so cute :) Akira also loves sniffing the air outside but I only let him do it when were not on the highway (speed limit here is 80mph!)

  3. Kaiju needs a booster seat in order for him to look outside. Is Niko sitting on something, too? Kaiju also gets car sick. It's awesome you can go for a 4-hour no-fuss car ride. Envious!

  4. We're very fortunate, Niko doesn't get motion sickness. I guess getting him from a breeder at a town over an hour away helped! From the first day on, we've brought him along in the car for short and long trips.

    Niko doesn't have a booster. He props himself up with his front paws on the arm rest and pokes his head out. He alternates between doing that and resting on the seat and pointing his head upwards to the window and looking from the seat. He also naps a lot in the car.

    I am thinking of getting him a safety harness/seatbelt for the car. If anyone has suggestions, please share.

    Thanks for the comments.

  5. To kind of you to post about my website - thanks so much. Niko referrals FTW.