Monday, April 19, 2010

A Cub in the Den

For awhile now, we stopped crating Niko at night.  At first, he slept on the rug in the bedroom. Then I found a nice size doggie bed that fit perfectly in the closet. We cleared some space and Niko now sleeps in the closet! It sounds funny, to stick him in the closet. But we keep the door open and it makes sense because he's out of the way and we don't risk stepping on a shiba by accident in the dark.  
The bed in the closet makes for a nice cozy den for Niko. 
Interesting Niko fact: he doesn't like to jump on the human bed. Lots of dog owners have trouble getting their dogs off their beds. We have the opposite problem. 


  1. Great looking doggie bed. Question: Is there any concern that the clothes in the closet will inherit a doggie smell from him sleeping there?

  2. We recently started letting Mika upstairs and I found a perfect place for him. We have a double sink and in between the two sinks is a powder table type thing. I am an idiot when it comes to make up (my sister helps me when I really need some. lol We trade, I do some handy work stuff and she does my make up.), so obviously that table thing doesn't get used. I put his bed under there and he's been content there, but ever since we got our new bed up, he's been lounging under the bed. Either way, he's out of any foot paths.

    We adopted Mika from a family that did let him up on beds, but through us being very persistent with the "off" command, he doesn't hop up on beds unless you are really enthusiastic and persistent with the "up" command. (If not, he'll just contently curl up near you somewhere on the floor.)