Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bird and People Watching

To Niko's dismay, the snow is gone.  The warm weather allows him to be outside a lot more often.  We tether him in the backyard with a long cord.  There's much to see and do. He has dug 3 holes so far. He likes to play catch with a ball and a frisbee.  He also likes to sit and observe everything that is going on.  Yesterday, Niko watched the neighbor's kid drive his mini hummer around the backyard.  I am pretty immune to the sounds of birds but seeing Niko's ears perk up and his head turning round and round make me aware of the birdies. Shiba Inus have a history of being a bird hunting breed.


  1. Great picture, you feel like you are right there with Niko. Don't accidentally step in those holes he digs (but I guess that's better than stepping in doggy poop, which I unclutchily did today).

  2. great point. dog do do not FTW

  3. can they pheasant hunt??????????