Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello Shadow

Lately, on our walks, us humans would walk on the pavement and Niko hops in and out of the banks of snow by the curb or on people's lawns.  Niko can't get enough of the white stuff.

Weekends are nice because we get to walk Niko in daylight. Yesterday, on our walk under the bright sun, I noticed Niko was moving as though he was chasing a ball, except there wasn't one and we were just walking. It turns out that Niko's shadow was showing prominently in the snow and that's what he was chasing.  He was running and stopping in an attempt to catch his shadow.  This brought back memories of when I was little and I learned about my shadow.  I tried my hardest to step on my shadow's head, but to no avail.  For the time being, I will let Niko continue thinking his shadow is as fun to chase as his tail.

The picture above was taken at a park over a frozen pond.  This is the only way to get him in a body of water because he freaks out at unfrozen lakes, rivers, ponds, and the bathtub.  If he only knew snow is really water!


  1. great shiba blog! I bookmarked. I'm such a sucker for shibas. I own one myself :)

  2. Thanks for visiting. Yes, Shibas are great.

  3. Great picture. Niko looks like he's carefully thinking out every step in the snowings. Certainly looks at home in that environment.