Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Friend His Own Size

Niko spent a day at our friends' house for a day recently.  They have a toddler named Owen and he got along with Niko famously.  Here are some of the adorable details we were told...
Owen put the leash on Niko and walked him around the house multiple times.  Niko was fooled into thinking he was going outside.  Owen didn't let Niko bully him, especially when it came to food. Niko, the lunch money stealer stole a marshmallow from Owen.  Owen chased Niko and got the marshmallow back.  Yay for Owen!  The two tired each other out and are already asking for the next slumber party.  


  1. what an amazing picture. g-r-e-a-t DSLR skills!

  2. I didn't take the picture. it's editing i did on picassa >_<

  3. Niko is a sweet Shiba, and it's so great that he's gentle with children. This is such a precious photo!