Sunday, October 4, 2009

Musical Ears

Niko hasn't shown interest in what's on the TV visually, but I noticed he is sensitive to certain noises. He will turn his head and both his ears would perk sideways when a dramatic soundtrack is on (like when a single violin is playing).  Last night I was watching a old school musical called "High Society" and Niko stopped whatever mischielf he was up to and directed his attention to the TV. He sat for the entire number watching and listening to the band (led by Louis Armstrong). It was the cutest thing ever. his ears would move sidways (almost 90 degrees) whenever Louis had a solo on the trombone. Niko tilts his head also like he's bobbing to the beat.  So, I discovered Niko likes the trombone and Louis Armstrong.

I didn't have a chance to capture it on video but this is what he looks like when he hears something and directs his focus to it:

As cool as it is that Niko shows he can discern musical sounds from other noises, I have to say he also has selective hearing. There are stubborn moments when I know he hears me but he just won't listen to my command. Here's a site I found about good and bad traits of Shiba Inus. I agree with most of the good traits. Niko is still young to display all the bad traits. I have heard from several sources that Shibas can sing. I can't wait for that to happen!

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