Saturday, October 31, 2009

Doggie Entertainment

Niko's level of energy doesn't quite always match ours.  Nor does he have the same preference of entertainment as us human adults have. Niko likes to play tag, fetch toys, do tricks, and run wild.  For some reason, he especially likes to do those things when we're trying to watch TV.
When this happens, I sit on the floor and play fetch and tug of war. 

We did find a new-+ form of entertainment for Niko, his idea of TV, actually.  It's a view of the neighborhood, right at the tips of his paws. For days, I was thinking I need to get some kind of platform high enough so that Niko can look out the window.  Serendipitously, someone had discarded a small arm chair and I happened to see it. It was the perfect size and in great condition. I almost think it was a children's chair. Now it is Niko's!

Initially, he needed some persuasion to get on it, but once he's on, he loves looking out the window. I leave some toys on it and now he jumps on his chair whenever he wants. This morning, moments after letting him out of the crate, I found him watching his version of the saturday morning cartoons. The birds flying by, cars, squirrels, leaves dancing in the wind, walkers, and dogs all fascinate him. Good thing is, he doesn't bark at them.

The next step is probably getting him night vision goggles so he can watch his primetime tv shows =)


 Niko's new bed (2nd one)

The lil pumpkin

Hiking adventure

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  1. Niko is a really cute Shiba! Thanks for checking out Suki's blog. I have more images of her on my new blog at if you're interested :)

    Suki loves looking out the window too!