Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shiba Socks & Shar Pei Niko

I had to go to Seattle for a few days last week for work. As excited as I was to see Seattle, I also missed home. Niko was in good hands with Ed and I received periodic updates. On the first two days, after Ed returned from work, Niko went up on his chair to look out the window anticipating me as well. Not exactly a Hachi story of a dog who looked for his owner everyday for ten years, but I'll take it anyway!
On my last day of the trip, we went to  Pike Place. I found a store called Merry Tails that stocked all sorts of pets stuff. Normally, I don't hold out much hope at these stores in finding anything "Shiba Inu." To my surprise, I found a few items representing the breed. I couldn't resist and purchased a pair of socks. In case anyone's interested, they were made by Wheel House Designs. Next time I have to be away from home, I'll be packing this pair of socks to cope with missing Niko.

When I came home, Niko went wild with excitement. Instead of his usual tame self where I instruct him to sit before I greet him, he tackled me and gave me non stop licks and sniffs. It was great to see him again and let him sniff me out to figure out where I was. Last night, he joined me on the couch for an extended amount of time. Of course, I lured him with treats first, but the cool thing was that he stayed after the treats were gone. He laid on top of my fleece throw. Niko's face in the wrinkly throw reminded me of a Shar Pei:

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  1. Those socks are awesome! I'll need to get some if I ever visit Seattle again. (I used to live there in my pre-Shiba days.)