Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Already?

Much to Niko's delight, snow came super early this season. We headed up to Ed's parents this weekend (one of Niko's favorite get-aways). He loves it there because of the vast openness of country exploring and of course, being spoiled rotten by grandma!

We woke up to a very beautiful scene- snow covered fields and trees. We took a walk into the woods where Niko reunited with his passion for snow.

We allow Niko off the leash when we're here. He still needs work in the "time to go inside the house" department. Although we get nervous about it, we have learned to allow him this freedom. It helps that he does not go very far without us. He stays by the perimeter of the house and remains within eyesight most of the time. I'm happy to report that during this weekend, he came inside on command more times than not. Progress is being made.


  1. Ahh.. freedom! Yes, "time to go inside the house" is a problem with my Kento. He is 13 now! It makes me nervous because we live on acreage and have coyotes. We rarely let him off leash but he still needs a good run around. I have had to be "cruel" and tell him "do you want to go to the park"? I walk over to the car, open the door and he jumps right in. Gotcha! He does get a big cookie when we get in the house though.

  2. Awesome! i'm glad Niko had a good Halloweekend! =) He must have been very excited to see snow, and will prolly wonder where it went when it melts this week! When he goes off, do you always look out for him? Or do you just have conversation and know that his is still in the area?

  3. We sit on the deck or go inside if it's cold. We look through the window for him. But there are times we lose sight of him. I would go outside every 10 mins to check on him. Although he doesn't come inside every time, he does run over when I call. He just stares at me if he doesn't come inside.