Friday, September 10, 2010

Skating Buddies

Taking Niko with us when we go rollerblading is a great workout for him. He can keep up with us when we skate. And when we feel a little lazy and slow down, Niko would run ahead and pull us to help us out. When he is pulling, we chant "mush, mush!"  It is a lot of fun and we shorten the leash when other people are around. We get lots of comments and smiles.


  1. that's very cool! wish we could do something similar, but i don't think taro shiba's 9 lb body has enough pull for his overweight male human.

  2. Thanks. Is Taro really 9lbs? Niko is 27lbs.

  3. Whew! Good to know Zuko isn't the only monster-sized Shiba. He's 27-28 pounds on average and certainly not fat. His doggie daddy was 30 lbs!

    So, how does Niko feel about being told to "mush" though? ;-)

    Sounds fun!

  4. Ha very cool, I love that you say "mush mush" like you are in an Iditarod race or something. Will you get a skateboard for Niko?

  5. Niko doesn't mind mushing to keep us moving his pace ;)
    Woah Joe, thanks for teaching me a new word - Iditarod! No skateboard in the foreseeable future.