Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Turtle and the Niko

We rescued a turtle from the side of the road one day to put him in the woods away from traffic. But before we took it to its new habitat, we brought him inside to meet Niko. 

Niko's got a knack for sensing what's different.  I bet he'd be great at those games where you look at 2 very similar looking pictures and you have to pick out what's different. As slow moving and inconspicuous as the turtle was, Niko was bothered by it right away. He probably smelled it.  Niko barked at the turtle and sniffed it. The poor turtle stayed in his shell.  We didn't keep the turtle inside very long, we spared them both the torture.  The turtle was brought to the woods and Niko stopped barking.


  1. I, too, would be very suspicious of a rock that moved.

  2. Katsumi Firefox is not quite as smart...we have to really point things out to her before she notices anything. Maybe it comes with age? She's only 8 months old...

  3. Glad Niko didn't eat the little turtle. **proud feelings for you saving the little guy**