Friday, March 19, 2010

The Furminator

Alas....Niko is shedding his first coat ever.  I don't know much about dogs before Niko and I'm learning everyday.  Shedding dogs shed when the weather gets warming because they get rid of their winter clothes.
In the last month, chunks of fur just fell off Niko as he brushed against anything. I'd pinch and puffs of fur came off without me pulling.  The shedding brush we had wasn't effective. The bristles must have been uncomfortable because Niko would squirm away. Finally someone recommended The Furminator. I googled it and was shocked it costed over $30. My hair dryer didn't cost that much. After a few bids on Ebay and resisting temptations to vacuum Niko, I won one for $10. We tried it out and the thing works like magic.

Before I made the purchase, I found this great demonstration video.


  1. You should try KONG's Zoom Groom. It got great reviews and only 8 bux! And it feels like a massage to them!

  2. Zoom Groom? Thanks for the Christmas/stocking stuffer idea!