Friday, September 4, 2009

14 weeks old

Niko is now 14 weeks old and boy has he come a long way. When we got him at 8 weeks, he was a timid, shy, slow moving puppy.  He is now more sociable, brave, playful, and energetic.  We introduced Niko to many new people, dogs, objects, and places in the last several weeks.  We can see what a world of difference that makes.  Puppy class where we use clicker training is a ton of help too.  At the first week of class when Niko was 10 weeks old, he was very distracted and shy.  He went and hid behind me when the other dogs who are bigger had playtime.  Now, Niko is not afraid of dogs three times his size. He loves to play tag and wrestle with other dogs.

At the first vet visit, Niko weighed 7.5lbs.  He is now 11.5lbs. This is a picture of him devouring his yogurt!
He has learned many tricks. He knows sit, down, shake, and pawing a target.  The newest trick is up.  We discovered it by accident.  He raises his front paws in the air and jumps a little when we hold the target up:
From the beginning, we learned that the shiba inu breed can be unsocial if we don't acclimate him to others.  That is why we try to socialize Niko as much as we can.  We are happy with his progress so far.

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